Our new product launching will be held at


Gurney Plaza Main Hall






Sunday, 2020 May 10


Introducing to you


"A scent with lots of hugs"



Our brand new product, it comes with a Refillable Essential Oil and one well designed Aroma Prefume Necklace.

Our hugs Essential Oil comes with 2 kind of scents Sakura and Lavender

Every time you finish up your Essential oil, you can always come back and refill it with a 10% discounted price.

Our hugs' Aroma Prefume Necklace can be used as a Necklace, table aroma and a car perfume too, it can be brought to anywhere becasue it is small and convenient

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Check out all this andorable Gifs, you can also explore it on instagram, remember to check out our instagram page as well: @agift_hug

Our mission to share out the love and the scent to everyone you love, especially your beloved mother

These GIFs are available in Instagram by keying in: #agiftwithlove #agiftformum #agift #motherday





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